Legendary VIP

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Ultimate Roleplay Legendary VIP’s feature many neat things.

~ Item summary:
U:RP VIP's are monthly. Expire after 31 calendar days of being redeemed.
U:RP ~ IG Info ~ Use /vipinfo in game for subscription details.
U:RP ~ IG Chat ~ Use /vip in game for community vip chat.
U:RP ~ IG Color ~ Name color on TAB will be purple.
U:RP ~ IG Tag ~ Legendary VIP will show above your character’s head.
U:RP ~ IG Title ~ Purple Legendary VIP title on the Global, Newbie and OOC chats.
U:RP ~ IG Number ~ For $10K IG Cash, choose a customized number through ~ /vipnumber
U:RP ~ IG Music ~ Broadcast a song of your choice through ~ /vipmusic
U:RP ~ IG Clothing ~ Free skins at the Legendary VIP lounge or any clothing shop ~ /locate VIP
U:RP ~ IG Second Job ~ You are free to join any second job.
U:RP ~ IG (HP)Health/Armor~ Free 100% (HP)Health & 100% Armor at the Legendary VIP Lounge.
U:RP ~ IG Materials ~ 250 Extra Materials on each matrun you do.
U:RP ~ IG Vehicles ~ You get to own more than 10 vehicles on your /vst list.
U:RP ~ IG Weapons ~ Free VIP weapons at the Legendary VIP Lounge ~ /vweapons
U:RP ~ IG Boombox ~ Free boombox at the Legendary VIP Lounge ~ /getboombox
U:RP ~ IG Invite ~ Gives a 3 hour Legendary VIP Invite to any player – /vipinvite
U:RP ~ VIP Vehicles ~ Access a variety of server set Legendary VIP Vehicles in the VIP Garage.
~ Credit: Sam_Dex